Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Favorite Gift

Etsyblogger's blog carnival question is "What was your favorite gift?"  Well, I would have to say my favorite gift was not a Christmas present but a birthday gift from my husband 5 years ago.  He secretly got me a puppy.  A couple of weeks before my birthday we lost our dog of 15 years.  Although Auggie had a long and happy life it is always traumatic loosing your family pet.  I must admit I was in a vulnerable state.  My son and I went in our local pet shop and the pet store lady starts putting puppies in my arms, one of them being the most adorable little red husky with one blue eye and one brown.   That's all it took, I was in love!

I went home and told my husband all about this wonderful little puppy.  Of course he said NO!  Too expensive, too soon after loosing Auggie, huskies are known to be difficult dogs, pet store are not the place to get a dog.   I started reading about huskies and yes they can be challenging dogs.  They are smart and can be very willful.  And I agree that pet stores are not the best place to get a dog.  I know adopting a homeless dog is a great thing to do but pet store dogs need a good home too. But he still kept saying no, my spirits were crushed!

This all took place a couple of days before my birthday.  On my birthday my son and I went back to the pet store to see if the puppy was still there.  He was but the pet store lady said he was SOLD.  Oh what a sad day.  I have had some rotten birthdays in the past but this seemed like the absolute worst.   I moped around the rest of the day. 

Late that afternoon my son calls me to come out to my husband's workshop and to my great surprise there is my puppy.  My husband had secretly went and bought the puppy early that morning.  My son and the pet store lady were in on the secret.  My birthday went from being one of the worst to being one of the best.  I was so happy!  Oh yes my husband was right about huskies being challenging.  Sitka is beautiful and very smart, a little bit willful (ok a lot bit willful) and he definitely has a mind of his own, but we love him very much. 



Made by Melissa said...

That's a great story! What a handsome looking pup!

Splendid Little Stars said...

Oh he is so beautiful! How cool that he has 2 different colored eyes. I have a cat with one blue eye and one gold eye.

Judy Nolan said...

What a beautiful dog! My husband's family had a dog that was part Husky, part Highland sheepdog, and was so smart. I'm sure your dog is, too. :-)

storybeader said...

what a cutie! And how nice of your DH to submit to your wishes. Before our Emma died, my DH found another puppy who needed a home. He was thinking she would be a good companion to Emma, in her old age, and make it easier on us, when Emma past. Now, Emma is gone, and our new doggie is a loving companion to us. Best of luck bringing Sitka into the family.

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