Friday, November 26, 2010

Black Friday Sale

I am having a BLACK FRIDAY to CYBER MONDAY SALE in my Etsy Shop!  Everything in my shop is 15% off for the duration of the SALE.  The sale will run from November 26th until November 29th. 

                                   Coffee Butter Sugar Scrub

                                 Lemongrass and Sage Handmade Soap

                                    Handmade Soap Gift Basket

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Monday, November 8, 2010

Exciting News From Sweet Sally's Soaps

After much contemplation, I finally decided to take the plunge and make some major changes in the production of Sweet Sally's Soaps.  I am now making all of my soaps with organic base oils.  The base oils for all of my soaps are olive oil, coconut oil, and palm oil. 

I have been using organic sustainable palm oil in my soaps since the beginning of this year.   My decision for switching to organic sustainable palm oil was based on environmental issues.  Late last year many articles about clear cutting methods used to harvest palm oil were brought to my attention.  I became aware of the devastating effects this had on the environment.  At first I thought to stop using palm oil in my soaps but the results were less than satisfactory.  So instead I found that one of my major suppliers offered organic sustainable palm oil.  My suppliers reputation is very good and their organic oils are certified and they also supply information on harvesting techniques of their sustainable palm oil. 

My decision to switch my other oils to organic was more of a health and value issue.  As we hear over and over lately that produce grown without pesticides is better for us it is also true for products we put on our skin.  I try to eat as much organic food as I can afford so I thought it only right that the products that I produce should be as organic as I could afford to make them.  So by making all of my base oils organic this makes my soaps roughly 80 to 85% organic depending on the soap.  I feel that my change not only offers a healthier product for my customers but also adds value to my soaps in that the customer is getting a better product for their money.

I have been working on this change for the last few months.  I wanted to make sure I had sold most of the soaps made with non organic oils before I started advertising my soaps made with organic oils.  I am now working on changing ingredients on labels and listings on my website and Etsy shop.

I am very excited about this change and I am hoping my existing customers and all of my new customer will be pleased with the new and improved Sweet Sally's Soaps!