Friday, September 25, 2009

Show Your Face

One of the themes for this months Etsy Bloggers blog Carnival is Show Your Face. Let's see the person behind the work. Well here is a picture of me making soap in my somewhat messy workspace. I must admit I am not the most organized person on earth. I have struggled with the issue of organization over the years and I am coming to the the conclusion that I waste too much time trying to be organized. I think I am far more productive when I just relax and stop worrying that my environment doesn't look picture perfect. If my workspace functions well and I produce a great product that is what is important. So my lesson for today is relax, be productive and stop trying to be something your not. Clutter lives on!


Anonymous said...

Amen! and how cute are you in an apron and goggles?
That's how a hard-working space is supposed to look! That totally looks like fun.

Anonymous said...

I always say that my work area is a organized mess. Ask me where something is and I'll probably be able to find it, but it looks like a huge mess!

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