Friday, May 21, 2010

Garden Plans

This month, for the first time I am going to be the host for the Etsybloggers Blog Carnival.  That also means I choose the topics for the carnival.  The two topics are show me your favorite piece of artwork and why you find it inspiring or tell me about your garden plans for the upcoming growing season.  My post will be about my plans for the upcoming growing season.

Right now plans are about as far as my garden has gotten.   I do enjoy gardening but the last couple of years I have been finding it hard to squeeze it into my schedule.  I like to grow herbs for cooking, which I grow in front of my house in two beds.  I have lavender, sage, oregano, lemon balm,  lambs ears, and chives (as shown in picture above) that come back year after year.  Today I bought some tiny basil plants, which I plan to get in the ground in the next couple of days. I also plan to plant rosemary, cilantro, and some tomato plants in my front garden.  Last year was the first time I planted tomatoes in the front of my house.  I planted very late but I had tomatoes from my garden up until Christmas.

I have a larger garden in the back of my house, but between the squirrels, the walnut trees, and too much shade from other trees it has become very problematic.  Certain things thrive but many vegetables will not grow.  I have an abundance of calendula, which I do use in my soaps, and things like lettuce and spinach do nicely.  So I have gotten to the point where I just don't fight it any more and just go with what grows easily.  I will probably plant some more flowers in my back garden.  Hope everyone has a happy gardening season.


Barbara said...

Oh your garden sounds lovely! I have flowers in all my flower beds and have been thinking of adding some herbs in with them. I do have Lemon Balm, Oregano, Cilantro and Spearmint in their own beds. The "garden" consists of raised beds that contain: Sweet dumpling squash, zucchini, yellow crookneck squash, (2) beds of strawberries, bell peppers, cilantro, sweet basil, tomatoes, cucumbers, snap peas, snow peas and english peas. We are also trying our hand at growing gourds this Summer...dipper gourds, loufa sponge gourds, Lg. & Sm. apple gourds, Sm. bottle gourds, and banana gourds. Whew! We also have (2) plum trees, blackberry bushes,and raspberry bushes. I do enjoy digging in the dirt! We've also been going to Farmer's Market and selling (not all at once) tulips, irises, daylilies, torch lilies, rose of sharon, pine trees,liriope, some vegetable plants and herbs twice a week.(Wed. & Sat.) I do a lot of sitting and my hubby does a lot of the lifting etc. as I'm disabled and I'm pretty limited but even if I have to sit on the ground and scoot it's worth it.

Hugs XX

Linda Pruitt said...

I don't have a herb garden--wish I did. Since you have basil, you might like a recipe that I just posted using it in a sandwich.

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