Friday, January 15, 2010

First Blog Carinval 2010

The topics for the Etsybloggers  Blog Carnival this month are:
1) Now that 2009 has come to a close, what will you remember most about last year?
2) Now that 2010 is here, what do you have planned/look forward to/hope to accomplish this year?

I have already addressed most of this in a previous post but I would like to add a list of  concrete goals I have regarding my #1 goal for the year.  As I mentioned before my biggest most important goal for this year is to increase my online sales.  I n the last couple of weeks since Christmas I have seriously contemplated this issue.  So here is my list of things to do to help me achieve my goal.

1.  Organize work area so each task has it's specific area for example shipping, billing, supplies needed etc. 
2.  Redo existing website to make it more user friendly for me. (which also includes new banner and avatar for etsy, artfire, and blog)
3.  Blog on a more regular basis.
4.  Do some advertising off of etsy.
5.  Improve etsy and website SEO. 
6.  Always make the best product possible!
7.  Add new products regularly.
8.  Stop worrying about what other people are doing (if someone is selling total junk and making tons of money it doesn't matter) and focus on what I'm doing.  This one is going to use some work! 
9.  Focus, FOCUS, FOCUS!!!
10.  Enjoy what I do because I really do love what I do.  


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