Friday, January 8, 2010

Where Does Our Food Come From?

Have you ever wondered where the food you are eating comes from.  Recently I watched the documentary "Food Inc."  It is an eye-opening account of the food industry in present day America. This film documents how factory farms, fast food chains, use of pesticides, and genetically engineered food  have led us, as a nation, down the road to an unsafe food system causing sickness, obesity, and horrible working conditions.

I personally think this is a very important issue.  I am a big supporter of Buy Fresh Buy Local programs.  I know this time of year for those of us who live in cold climate it is hard to buy locally grown produce but I think we all should make an effort to buy as much locally produced food as possible. 

Here is a link to Food Inc. website.  There is a petition you can sign to help the cause.


~*~ said...

Thanks for reminding me!!!
I am going to watch this tonite, started it a few days ago on netflix but my internet connection went out.

Alix said...

Yeah I thought this movie was amazing. Another good one is The Beautiful Truth, though possibly less factual.

I didn't know about the petition, I am off to find it now!

Kerry_Kid Giddy said...

this is on my nexflix list!!! can't wait to see it! I believe I've already signed the petition! Great idea to put it out there even more! -kerry (cute blog layout!)

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